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Make smarter, faster decisions on emerging technology at scale with validated intelligence, expert analysis, and customized research.
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Understand the Ever-Changing Tech Landscape

SPEEDA Edge’s intelligence platform is designed to ensure enterprises can quickly make critical decisions about technology at scale. Stay one step ahead of the trends, markets, and their players.
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Track Startups, Incumbents, and Competitors

See all of the players across markets and get visibility into the moves they are making. Uncover acquisitions, investments, partnerships, product launches, industry trends, and more to create a competitive advantage.
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Stay on Top of the Trends that Impact You

Don't get lost in the data avalanche. Get the clarity you need from our analyst-curated intelligence platform, ensuring that you get trustworthy insights relevant to you. Understand what's happening, anticipate what's coming, and quickly make decisions with confidence.
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Market Sizing

Our in-house market sizing gives you a total addressable market (TAM), current actual market size, and forecasts for the next 5 years, along with the analyst’s assumptions and rationale.

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