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Analyst access

Custom research request
Submit requests for custom research tailored to your specific needs

Trend Tracking

Daily news updates
Track the key news from each emerging industry
Quarterly industry reports
In-depth quarterly reports that summarize key activities for each emerging industry
Personalized newsletter
Get key updates and trends for industries and companies you care about.

Industry Hubs

Market Sizing by segment
Understand each industry segment's market size
Enterprise and start-up competitive analysis
Benchmark incumbents and start-ups against product and company metrics
Technology use cases by industry
Understand the use cases for emerging tech across diverse industries
Enterprise activities
Track in-house developments, partnerships, M&As and investments, updated dynamically
Market map by enterprises and start-ups
Quickly grasp where each company sits within its respective industry

Startup profile

Detailed profiles
Understand each startup with in-depth qualitative and quantitative informain
Competitor analysis
Benchmark incumbents and startups against product and company metrics
See funding information, including who is funding and how much they are investing
EDGE interviews
Interview pieces with CEOs or other key persons from startups we cover
Company teardowns
Deep-dives into a selection of startups for an even more detailed view

Enterprise profile

Detailed company overviews
Details company strategy and their activities
Strategy teardowns
Understand company strategy through our domain experts' deep analysis
Partnership tracker
Track partnership strategies and dynamically compare with competitors
Innovation activities tracker
and competitive benchmarking
Tracks in-house developments, M&As and investments, updated dynamically
Access financial information for public enterprises.

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How many industries can I access per month, with my company subscription?

Our in-house market sizing gives you a total addressable market (TAM), current actual market size, and forecasts for the next 5 years, along with the analyst’s assumptions and rationale.