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SPEEDA Edge empowers organizations to make faster, smarter decisions with market intelligence on disruptive tech and industries.

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Stay Ahead of Emerging Industries

Cut through the noise with near real-time industry updates on the topics important to you through:

  • Daily news on your focus areas
  • Quarterly insights on key industries
  • Dynamic competitive intelligence
  • Continuously evolving use case maps
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Understand Market Potential

Spot emerging trends and seize the next big opportunity with:

  • Market sizing and forecasts
  • Dynamic industry market maps
  • Customizable competitive analyses
  • Comprehensive startup profiles

Outpace Your Rivals

Uncover your rivals' next move - track investments, acquisitions, partnerships, and more, using:

  • Company portfolio tracking
  • Enterprise activity by company and industry
  • Company strategy analyses
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Identify High-potential Startups

Scout high-potential startups. Discover innovative products and business models by tracking budding players with disruptive potential, leveraging:

  • Detailed startup profiles
  • Market Maps for emerging industry ecosystems
  • Startup benchmarking and comparisons

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How many industries can I access per month with a subscription?

You can access all of the 150+ emerging industries we cover with a standard subscription.