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Our Unique Approach to Market Intelligence

Our edge: We combine the best of cutting-edge AI technology and analyst domain-expertise to generate, scale, and rigorously validate every piece of intelligence on our platform.

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: Data you can trust, delivered clearly. Our analysts ensure all information is easy to understand, immediately actionable, and packed with the depth and detail you need to make informed decisions – all without the wait.

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Industry Intelligence

Understand how industries are developing, gauge their growth potential, track their trends, see how the various players and technologies intersect, identify their drivers, and map their players.


Gain insights into emerging technologies, their capabilities, their applications across diverse industries, and how established players and startups are strategically utilizing them.

Company Strategy

Uncover the inside scoop on incumbents and startups - everything from detailed profiles, exclusive interviews, their cross-industry strategies, and more.


Deep dive into the numbers: understand financial information including industry-level funding, investments, startup funding, and more.


Understand your competition through benchmarking, analysis of key KPIs, product comparisons, and strategy reviews. Keep track of their activities, including investments, partnerships, M&As, and more.

Analyst Insights

Get the inside scoop from our domain experts, who combine their depth of knowledge and industry expertise, tying in the latest news and providing their perspectives.

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I want to understand  more about a list of startups in industry segments. What kind of details can i get?

Company lists can be sorted by industry segment, product stage, funding, and company location, all through one filter function. You can also download to excel for further filtering and analysis.