5 Emerging Technology Trends in 2022

To kick off the new year, we took a deep dive into the dozens of industries, thousands of events, and tens of thousands of startups that make up the SPEEDA Edge emerging technology intelligence platform. Out of that process, we identified 5 key trends from 2021 that we predict will lead to disruptive innovation in the new year.

  1. Climate Tech
    Business leaders are turning to the private sector and disruptive startups for innovations to mitigate the effects of climate change.
  2. Delivery Tech
    Heavy investment in the sector is leading to innovation in both the substance of deliveries  as well as how these deliveries arrive.
  3. Quantum Computing
    Startups have managed to find a disruptive foothold in the industry to solve some of the hardest data problems in the world. 2022 is poised for an explosion of quantum tech companies.
  4. Web3
    If NFT was 2021’s word of the year, there’s a decent chance that web3 wins it for 2022. It shows no signs of slowing down next year.
  5. Psychedelic Medicine
    Coming off of a year that saw unprecedented public acceptance and financial backing, psychedelic medicine is getting ready for prime time.

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