Funding Analysis 2023

Download this free report to access insights across 2500+ rounds of VC funding amounting to ~USD 100 billion across our 150+ SPEEDA Edge emerging industry hubs.


About this Report

Last year’s dip in overall VC funding hardly comes as news. High interest rates, a shaky economy, and global tensions made investors quite cautious. The broad strokes are clear, but the finer details? Not so much.

The narrative leans toward the direction of generative AI (GenAI), as anticipated. However, this report unpacks the depth of its influence: which segments emerged as funding magnets, how extensively the colossal funding extended to other sectors, and who displayed resilience by maintaining consistent funding despite the AI takeover, among other insights.

We’ve meticulously analyzed over 2,500 rounds of VC funding in 2023, gathered across more than 150 emerging industries tracked on the SPEEDA Edge platform. This comprehensive analysis enables you to grasp VC investment trends and directional patterns swiftly.

Download the report to uncover:

  • Who made a mark alongside AI developers in the billion-dollar deals?
  • Where did Google and other Big Tech players channel their investments in 2023? While GenAI remained prevalent among Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, how diversified is their investment portfolio across hubs like AI Drug Discovery, Alternative Energy, and Carbon Capture and Utilization?
  • Even though EVs, Cybersecurity, and Precision Medicine secured positions in the top 10 highest funded industries list, how significant was the year-over-year decline? What were the contributing factors?
  • Which industries with substantial funding are on the radar as the next potential hotspots for growth?
  • How did capital-intensive industries react to the dwindling interest from VC investors?

Download this free funding report to access insights of VC funding amounting to ~USD 100 billion across our 150+ SPEEDA Edge emerging industry hubs.

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