Which emerging industries withstood the global VC funding slowdown in 2022? Our SPEEDA Edge Funding Analysis report dives into 2,500+ funding rounds amounting to ~USD 114 billion within 100+ SPEEDA Edge industry hubs and offers an in-depth analysis of the investment activities. Download for free!


Consistent with a slowdown in global funding activity, we saw a sharp drop (nearly half) in Venture Capital funding from what was raised in record-breaking 2021. The recessionary economic outlook plus record-high interest rates made VCs more cautious, and industries that attracted funding at the onset of the pandemic, such as E-commerce, Fintech, Remote Work, EdTech, and Telehealth, began to normalize.

Our report goes beyond blanket VC funding landscapes to identify resilient industries, what Big Tech’s focus looked like, the context behind investment activities within emerging industries, and provide insights into where disruptive technologies are headed.

Download this free report to access an in-depth analysis of 2,500+ rounds of VC funding amounting to ~USD 114 billion across our 100+ SPEEDA Edge emerging industry hubs.

Key takeaways

Energy & Climate Change was the only sector to experience funding growth (over 50% YoY). While most funds went into the Climate Tech - Energy space, investors diversified climate investments into nascent areas, like Carbon Capture, Utilization, & Storage (CCUS), Carbon Management Software, and Hydrogen Economy.

The Logistics & Supply Chain Tech industry grabbed Venture Capital attention, led by renewed interest in logistics & supply chain automation after pandemic-led supply chain disruptions.

Crypto may have crashed, but over half of the IT sector funding went into Web3 Ecosystem as investors sought more stable use cases of blockchain and its infrastructure solutions.

What’s inside?

  • How did the funding landscape shape up in 2022?
  • What did funding look like at the industry level?
  • What were the notable funding rounds?
  • Where did Big Tech invest?
  • A deep dive into notable funding trends

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