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The Scope of Generative AI: Is the Algo(rithm) Gonna Get You?

Five days to a million users. ChatGPT can boast of faster adoption than any popular social media or consumer application. By now, ChatGPT is a hackneyed conversation starter, but how much do people really know about the scope of generative AI?


About this Report:

We’ve explored beyond the OpenAI and ChatGPT buzz, taking a step back to look at the broader large AI model landscape that powers generative AI applications, like ChatGPT; their other known commercial use cases to figure out how the ecosystem works; and dug into interviews with founders of generative AI startups, like

Download this report for free access to a portfolio of content—three key reports and a founder interview—so you can understand the information and curated insights, and act based on data-driven research covered by SPEEDA Edge and our content partner Sacra.

  • Explore large AI models, which set the backdrop for pre-trained models such as GPT-3 that power ChatGPT.
  • Dive into the commercial use cases of these large AI models.
  • Discuss how startups like leverage GPT-3 in their tech stack through a featured interview with the co-founder.
  • Gain a more in-depth understanding of OpenAI through a company teardown.

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Companies using GPT-3 and Codex to develop new products or enhance existing products.

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