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Sustainability is now a staple concern for your business. You need to reframe how you work.Beyond vague phrases, how will SDGs and ESG requirements affect your business’s or project’s value chain?

Azeez Anver of SPEEDA Edge will show you how the sustainability drive impacts businesses’ value creation process, and how insurers are amongthe organizations that are rising to support these challenges. Dr. Evangelos Avramakis of Swiss Re will offer a practitioner’s insight into policy inmotion.

From product or project design to deployment, if your work involves making decisions on how to adapt to sustainability, to achieve your company’s sustainability goals, or if you are involved in product innovation, you should register for this webinar. We will show you who will support you in this journey and how.

Discussion points

Since sustainability is at the forefront, we asked ourselves: 

  • How will business value chains be impacted by the move towards sustainable practices? 
  • What are the risks and opportunities? How can businesses capitalize on new opportunities? 
  • What are the different solutions available to achieve a business's sustainability goals? 
  • Who are the key players offering solutions, and what differentiates them?
  • What does the future of this space look like?

Join us September 5th, 2023 at 8:00 am PDT | 11:00 am EST | 17:00 pm CET for a40-minute live webinar, complete with a Q&A session. We look forward toseeing you there!

Dr. Evangelos Avramakis (Presenter)

Lead Corporate Foresight, Intelligence & Development, Swiss Re

Evangelos is an internationally recognized expert in the insurance field. He is known for his ability to anticipate industry and market trends, as well as his expertise in emerging technologies and innovative business models. Evangelos provides valuable insights and business opportunities to the corporate division of Swiss Re, with whom he is partnered, and collaborates with major international corporations.

Abdul Azeez Anver, CFA (Presenter)

Associate Director, SPEEDA Edge

Azeez counts more than seven years of experience in industry research and corporate finance. He leads SPEEDA Edge’s coverage of insurance, cybersecurity, and blockchain-related industries. Before joining SPEEDA Edge, he was a senior consultant in deal advisory for a Big Four accounting firm.

Matt Wynne (Moderator)

Growth Marketer & Advisor to SPEEDA Edge

Matt is a long time growth marketing professional with experience across the technology world from seed stage startups to large enterprise. He holds an MBA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business and undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University and currently serves in an advisory capacity to SPEEDA Edge.

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